DeRegt Cables


DeRegt delivers the best possible cable solution for any given situation: from the immersive depths of the Arctic seas to the blue skies of the Far East. _x000D_
From our Dutch HQ, we provide future-proof cable solutions based on the specific needs of our clients. Our well-trained people provide bright ideas, great products and excellent service. We deliver outstanding technical solutions for our clients around the globe. Challenge us and we will prove that we can provide the best possible solution for your specific challenge. _x000D_
Quality, craftsmanship and innovation are the three pillars that have made us leaders in the development and manufacture of high-quality cable solutions for the past 90 years. _x000D_
We have built quite a reputation in the fields of design studies, trial product development, and qualification tests for your applications. _x000D_
Team up with DeRegt: our reputation will open the door to the next level in cable solutions.

Jeroen Romijn
+31 650637950
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