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Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2023 has set the tone for an exhilarating and successful event! Industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts came together for one main goal: to shape the future of the energy landscape.

Changing Currents

Under the theme Changing Currents, the exhibitors and conference speakers at this year’s OEEC have shown just through how much change the offshore energy sector is going – and in what direction offshore wind, hydrogen, marine energy, as well as oil and gas, and their entire supply chains are moving.

Nature-inclusiveness and care for the environment at large with sustainable, circular and CO2-free initiatives were also at the forefront of this year’s event in Amsterdam. We expect environmental solutions and methodologies to also be one of the main parts of our upcoming events, starting already next year.

The 2023 edition has also set the stage for OEEC 2024 as, amidst all the current changes and for a good part because of them, the industries within the offshore energy sector are moving closer together, becoming intertwined and in more than one way depending on each other.

Read here the full press release.

You can find the full overview of speakers, program and exhibitors in the event guide.


More than 80 speakers providing 55 hours of content

Daniel Santa Cruz

Ocean Winds

Renewable Energy: Innovate or Accelerate?

Pieter Heerema

Allseas Engineering

Providing the metals needed to electrify the energy mix

Ruben Dijkstra


Offshore Wind: Business as Unusual

Bas Nekeman

Deme Offshore

Offshore Energy: Business for the better

Don Hoogendoorn


Multi-Source Offshore Energy Parks Paving the Way

Liz Burdock

Oceantic Network

Renewable energy: Innovate or accelerate?

Marjolein Kelder

The Rich North Sea

Offshore Energy: Business for the better

Martin Kjäll-Ohlsson


Hydrogen: The great connector

Renske Ytsma


Offshore Wind: Business as unusual

After movie

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What our exhibitors had to say

I'm suprised by the amount of people from different countries who are very interested in the developments.

Werna Udding, Gasunie

I can meet a lot of companies related to the marine energy. My country is now starting to develop green hydrogen, so I think it's very useful for us to get information and experience from the Netherlands.

Widya Adi Nugroho, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

The exhibition is excellent. First of all, it is extremely organized. Secondly, the quality of speakers and the quality of the delegation. I think the level of detail and the pratical information that was provided, the breaking down of arguments into simple language for people to understand was very helpful.

Brian FitzGerald, Director of External Affairs and Stakeholder at Simply Blue Group

The energy transition, we can really see that coming through. There is much more hydrogen here so, really nice to look at some companies around here and see what's going on in the industry.

Julian Manning, Paradigm Group BV

I really like the vibe. There are so many people to meet. All the industry is here.

Maria Gutorova, DEME Offshore NL

We had a lot of very interesting and very efficient meetings during the day. Especially for the offshore wind industry, I think it's one of the key exhibitions for us to go to.

Matti Basan, Liebherr

It's been a tremendous exhibition and conference. I like the 'can do' attitude! People really want to make a difference. I've seen a high energy here, which I think is superb for the future we want.

Paul de Leeuw, Director at Energy Transition Institute, Robert Gordon University

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