This years’ event theme Harmony encompasses a range of aspects, including environmental protection, stakeholder collaboration, technological integration, safety, and international cooperation. Achieving harmony in these areas is crucial for the successful and sustainable innovative development of offshore renewable energy resources

It’s all about harmony!

The content program of Offshore Energy emphasizes the importance of cooperation and coordination in the process of shifting from traditional fossil fuels to more sustainable and renewable energy sources. Achieving a sustainable and clean energy future requires working together across sectors, borders, and disciplines to ensure a smooth and effective transition towards cleaner, renewable alternatives.


    The varied program covers in detail trends from different segments of the offshore energy sector. Experts and industry leaders from the different markets discuss the opportunities and challenges of the energy transition in these turbulent times. They present latest innovations and developments from the sector and share strategies to remain future-proof. The sessions are recorded and made available on our online platforms.

The Stage

At the open stage on the exhibition floor, different aspects of the offshore energy sector are put in the spotlight. Companies, experts and students share market insights, product solutions and fresh perspectives. The content recorded on The Stage is available for sharing online and on social media for promotional purposes.

The Square

The Square will provide the space for companies to showcase products and services from the offshore energy sector. With a dedicated speaker, visual presentations and Q&A time, companies can reach and capture the interest of relevant players from the industry in a face-to-face setting.